At each in-person meeting of RMA, a team of current RMA members is available to help educate new applicants for Membership in RMA. The purpose of Mentors is to be available to applicants and new Members to assist them in the process so that they are knowledgeable about what RMA offers and that they find old or new friends among the membership. They will attempt to find out the applicant’s interests and introduce him to current members with similar interests.

The Mentor of the week should check-in with the Member Service Desk host upon arrival.

Ideally, the Proposed Greeter/Mentor Roles and Responsibilities would be carried out as follows:
• Greeter welcomes prospect, gets contact info, shares member list for possible sponsorship, gets him a name tag, gives him a brochure, and a speaker list
• The Greeter introduces the candidate to the mentor assigned for that day (mentor should try to be easily accessible, by being near the desk when he is mentor)
• The Mentor should query his candidate on his interests and introduce him to activity heads and friends both before and after the meeting. DO NOT LEAVE HIM UNATTENDED, bring him into your conversations with friends and sit with him at the meeting.
• The Mentor either becomes the proposer or gets someone to do it.
• The Mentor introduces prospect to Peter Stern and co-ordinates getting the candidate to induction
• The Mentor should take responsibility for following up and inviting his prospect to two subsequent meetings.
• The Mentor should check in with his prospect after induction to see how well the new member is integrating into the Club and assist as needed.

Peter SternMentors Chairman – Peter Stern
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