speaker at RMA Meeting

The public is invited to hear our Guest Speakers on Wednesday morning at our regular weekly meeting. Speakers start at 11 AM. The presentation lasts for about 45 minutes followed by Q & A.  Click on “Future Speakers” in the drop-down menu that appears when you hover your cursor over the “Speakers” tab in the black menu bar on this website.

Past speakers have included historians, physicians, noted authors, politicians, business leaders, financial advisors, professors, and various government officials including national, state and local officials, members of the Senators and Congress as well as administrative experts and members of our courts.

The lists of speakers for recent past years are available via the drop-down menu that appears when you hover your cursor over the “Speakers” tab.  Speakers are listed by calendar date.

If you wish to view a video of a past speaker, click on the title “Speaker Videos” in the black menu list on this website.  You can find the video of the speaker you wish to view by using the tools available on Vimeo which allow sorting by title and date.  Another useful search mechanism by name or topic is a small symbol of a black magnifying glass to the right of the list tools at the top of the list of videos.  Click on that symbol and you can type any search word or words such as the speaker’s last name or a likely word in the title of the speaker’s presentation.  The results will display any video that is labeled with that speaker’s name or possible topic of the presentation.

Most Past Speakers’ and the next few Future Speaker’s names are color-highlighted.  This means that a descriptive flyer for this speaker is linked to that speaker’s name.  Clicking on these color-highlighted names opens up a one-page description which is RMA’s flyer for the event, describing something about the speaker’s background and the topic of the talk.  To read this flyer, you must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.  This can be downloaded and installed, FREE of charge, from Adobe.  Once installed, the Adobe Reader will allow you to view all the speaker links plus thousands of other pieces of information available on the internet.

NOTE: To return to this page from any opened PDF file, click the “BACK ARROW” button of your browser.