Policies & Procedures Manual

The Policies & Procedures Committee is an ad hoc committee formally called into being by the Second Vice President.  As the RMA evolves, its Policies and Procedures Manual should evolve to reflect current RMA practices.

The Policies & Procedures Manual can be found by clicking the ‘Useful Links” tab within the black menu band on our RMA website.  Then click on the sub-menu item “Policies and Procedures Manual,” the third item in the dropdown menu.

To contact the Second Vice President, click on the “Board of Directors” tab in the same dropdown menu, the fourth item in the menu.

Each Officer and Committee Chairman should review the section of the Manual that relates to their area of responsibility and recommend revisions to the Manual to the Second Vice President.  If these changes appear to be reasonable, the Second Vice President should call a meeting of the President and Vice Presidents to consider them.  The Second Vice President is responsible for reviewing the Manual periodically to make sure that it is accurate and up-to-date.