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Many photographs in this Photo Gallery were taken by and are copyrighted by Arto O. Szabó, RMA photographer.

If anyone wishes to upload photos to our website, please contact Tad Larrabee, 203-637-4023; Email

2021 – May 3; RMA Pickleball At Christiano Park

                                         Photos by Mark Geimer
2021 – April 8; RMA Walkers at Battle of White Plains Site

                                                                                         Photos by Tad Larrabee

2020 – October 8; RMA Walkers at Mianus Gorge

                                                                                         Photos by Bob Meaney
2019 – December; RMA Salvation Army volunteers

                                                                                         Photos by Anon
2019 – September 12; RMA Picnic

                                                                                 Photos by Andy Holmes


2019 – May, 22; RMA Melody Men

                                                                              Photos by Andy Holmes


2019 – June 13; Belmont Race Track Trip

                                                                              Photos by Andy Holmes


2019 – April 4; RMA Pickleball Group

                                                                                            Photos by Andy Holmes

RMA Picnic, September 8, 2016
Most photos taken by Maurice Krohn

Soundwaters cruise, July 14, 2016

DinnerNov20142015 – November 4; Annual Dinner
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RMAPicnicSept20152015 – September 10; RMA Picnic
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LamontObservatoryMarch20152015 – March 19; RMA Trip to Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory
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RMA in the News; Fall 20142014 – Fall; Newspaper articles featuring RMA
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DinnerNov20142014 – November 12; Annual Dinner
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October 2014 – Celebration of RMA’s 60th Anniversary; Maurice Krohn cutting cake


PicnicSept20142014 – September 18; Annual Picnic
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RMAMembersJuly1956RMA Presidents Book, Volume 2
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ChuckHonored2014 – July 4; Mets Honor Chuck Standard

August 12, Melody Men Sing National Anthem at the Mets Stadium
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NormanRockwellTrip2014 – April 17; Trip to Norman Rockwell Museum
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2013 – Nov 13; Annual Dinner Dinner13Thumb
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Picnic13Thumb2013 – Sept 12; Annual Picnic
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Dinner12Thumb2012 – Nov 14; Annual Dinner
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2012 – Sept 26; Trip to LamoLamontTripThumbnt Observatory
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Picnic12Thumb2012 – Sept 13; Annual Picnic
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HartfordTripThumb2012 – Feb 23; Trip to Hartford
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201ChuckStandardHat1, Nov 9, Annual Dinner
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Edison trip: May 12, 2011