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Mead Point Walkers 3-19 Mead Point Walkers 8-13We will plan our walks by Wednesday evening and announce it by email to anyone who wants to be on our email list.  Please contact the chair below to add your name!  We will schedule our walks for different days depending on weather forecasts, but we usually walk on Thursday mornings.  The email will have an attached map of the planned destination and we will meet where designated in the email.

We normally walk for about an hour and a half at a leisurely pace.  Bring your spouse and friends to explore interesting areas nearby.  Let the chair below know about places that you are curious about or your favorite walking paths and he will add them to our list of walks and create a digital map.

Walking is one the best exercises for people our age, and walks are wonderful excuses to meet with friends and have good conversations, all while getting healthier!  The RMA is special as is Greenwich and its environs.  It’s a good match.  We hope to see you walking regularly!

Hemingway, Thoreau, Jefferson and the Virtues of a Good Long Walk:  Solvitur ambulando — “it is solved by walking.” This phrase refers to the 4th century Greek philosopher Diogenes’s response to the question of whether motion is real — he got up and walked. “It is solved by walking.” As it turns out, there are many other problems to which walking is the solution. For instance, in our culture of overwork, burnout, and exhaustion, how do we tap into our creativity, our wisdom, our capacity for wonder, our well-being and our ability to connect with what we really value? Solvitur ambulando. By walking we move through the world not just physically, but also spiritually. Often by “taking a walk” we mean that we’re not walking to get anywhere in particular. But even when we are walking toward a destination, when we’re walking to connect two places, the in-between — the space, the interval — can be more important.  [Huffpost Daily Brief]

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We will try to arrange ad hoc bike rides when anyone feels the desire to set up a biking group for a one-time bike ride.  These will be “organized” by email to our walkers email list and will depend on the weather.   If you would like to suggest that we gather for an RMA group bike ride, please email the same email group addressed in earlier messages by clicking “Reply All” and send your own suggestion to join you for a ride where and when you want.  If you do not have a prior message for this group, send an email to the Walkers Chair below and he will forward the message to the group.  Please try to install a bicycle rack when you go to help others without a rack to be able to join the carpooling group to the start of your bike ride.

When: organized on ad hoc basis when desired

Who: RMA members, spouses, family & friends

Where: designated in the email message

Bike Where: Chosen by bikers.  Recommend your favorite ride!

LarrabeeTad2Questions: Tad Larrabee
RMA Walk & Talk Chairman
Email: Click Here