Meeting Setup & Property

The RMA meets every Wednesday except when it conflicts with a major holiday. Attendance at the weekly meetings is approximately 120 members plus guests.

Behind the Scene (meeting set) consists of three functions. Each function is chaired by a member who recruits other members for assistance.

At each meeting, three areas need to be addressed by volunteer members: Video, Sound and Property Set-Up.

Audio and visual equipment must be made ready and functional for presentations. The American flag and the RMA banner are displayed for each meeting.

Although all seating and table arrangements are furnished and set up by employees of our venue, alternate arrangements may require assistance from volunteer members.

Our organization’s bulletin board keeps members updated on any number of topics including sporting events, local volunteer opportunities, activities at the Greenwich Senior Center and random information of interest to members. Keeping this information orderly and informative requires vigilance, control and flexibility.

Following the meeting, all RMA equipment is secured and a visual inspection of the venue conducted for personal items left by members (glasses, etc) which may be stored and announced at the next Member Meeting. Setting up and breaking down equipment for a meeting does not involve a lot of time, but reporting a bit early and leaving a little late are part of the job.

One of the main goals in the RMA mission statement is meaningful volunteerism. Volunteer efforts in RMA activities are recognized and are tallied when counting volunteer hours. Members should consider participating in the activities of the Setup Committee. While you are learning the ropes, it is a good way to meet other members.

Call on Bob Bishop to learn how you can help. You will feel rewarded for your efforts.

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