The RMA website is an important communications tool for both the organization and the public. It also serves as a storage site for some of RMA’s archival records such as the Cigar Box Bulletins, speaker lists and videos. The website is set up on a template system called Word Press so that it is reasonably easy to maintain without requiring programming knowledge. If a volunteer can use Word Processing, he can maintain a good portion of the website. Only a few areas require special knowledge. The website is hosted by Lithium Hosting.

It is imperative that the website has extensive backup in terms of both individual knowledge of specific areas and how to maintain them, but in terms of detailed written descriptions of each process so that volunteers can maintain discrete sections of the website without requiring a deep knowledge of the technologies involved.

The RMA Archives in OneDrive contain the write-ups of how to maintain the website. These descriptions also require editing to ensure that they are complete and up-to-date so that a new volunteer can assume responsibility for a specific function of the website without requiring extensive training. Recording this knowledge is critical for the long-term preservation of the RMA website.

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IT Support Committee Temporary Chairman