Service Awards


The Outstanding Service Award was established by the RMA Board on September 1, 1984 for the purpose of recognizing any member or non-member who has made outstanding contributions to enhance the presence, image, goals and well-being of the RMA over a number of years.
Date and Recipients
11/09/2016 Jim Fahy
(Jim on right, Ralph Viggiano presenting. Mike Smith and Bob Phillips in background)OutstandingService2016

In recognition of Jim Fahy’s contributions to the RMA for over ten years. Jim is and has been the most prominent figure at RMA’s Annual Picnic, Annual Dinner and weekly meetings for over ten years. He is usually the first person we see waiting to greet us and he takes charge of all activities. His countenance assures us that our meetings are run in an orderly manner. Jim’s presence on the Board Of Directors was a welcomed addition to the many other responsibilities that adds to the RMA’s success.

11/04/2015 Steve Marino

In recognition of his contributions to the RMA over many years as:
1) Volunteer Committee Chairman
2) our video guru making sure that speaker presentations are suitable & made available for RMA website Vimeo and local TV dissemination
3) our technical expert ensuring each week that the sound system in the meeting room functions in an optimal fashion and presentations go forward smoothly from a technical standpoint
05/21/14 Bernard Schneider, Tad Larrabee, Horst Tebbe, Ralph Viggiano (in photo, Horst Tebbe is missing & George Shaddock, second from left, is presenting)
05/01/13 George Shaddock
01/11/12 Tom Healy, George Shaddock
01/19/11 John DeCsepel, Rich Limbacher, Peter McSpadden
01/13/10 Bill Dynan, Leon Freeman, Doug Taylor
09/25/08 Robert Bishop, George Chelwick, John Osterberg, Michael Parise, Donald Sargeant
04/25/07 Doug Francefort, John Seel
04/19/06 Sal DeAngelo
03/10/04 Keith Heyman, Bill Lehren*
04/09/03 Warren Dennison, Leon Freeman
03/01/02 Charles Livingston, Chuck Standard
03/01/01 Bob Kenney
03/01/00 John Mills
03/01/99 Dom Cogliandro, Bob Button
03/11/98 Thomas Ashwell
12/13/95 John T. Connolly
03/19/95 Anthony “Tony” Bologna, Henry Jacobsen
11/23/93 H. Ford Dickie
07/28/93 George Manning
01/08/92 Howard Conley
05/30/90 Fred Sullaway
09/20/89 Bob Taylor
06/17/87 Jim Cain
09/03/86 Bill VanBrunt
02/21/86 Waldo “Wally” Pennels
11/06/85; Al Lorenz

* awarded posthumously