Annual Dinner

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RMA Dinner, Nov 8, 2016

The Annual Dinner is the primary social event of each year for the RMA.  It is held generally on the second or third Wednesday in November and is attended by RMA members or candidates, their wives or guests and widows of deceased RMA members and their guests.  Annual attendance has typically exceeded 200 people.

The Dinner Committee invites RMA members to volunteer to be Table Hosts and the Hosts then proceed to fill a table with approximately ten guests.  Those without a table assignment should ask the Dinner Chairman for help finding a table host.

Doors (and the bar) open at 10:30 AM.  The main meal is served at Noon.  Given the time of day, some refer to it as a “lunch,” but, as the largest meal of the day, we call it a “dinner.”

The Annual Dinner is chaired each year by the First Vice President.